Ascension to Peak

Stop allowing mediocre habits, disciplines, and mindsets control your trajectory!

I'm Ready to Upgrade My Standards!

The Curriculum

A 3 month intensive coaching program for real estate agents focused on your performance & success in all pillars:

Promise vs Price

Is your vision clear enough that you're willing to take massive action recklessly, wildly, and relentlessly no matter your failures, fears, or limiting beliefs?

Action vs Retraction

What habits, disciplines, and mindsets must you adopt to achieve your vision? How will you intentionally implement and measure your progress?

Time Efficacy

Are you confident that you make the best use of your time? What are you choosing to allow into your life that detracts from your vision?

The Pursuit

If actions speak the truth, what are your actions saying? Where, in your life, are you able to alter your direction slightly to stay the course and fulfill your vision?

The Financials

Do your financial disciplines and habits serve as a catalyst to you achieving your vision? Strategically, how will you get to that point?

Lead Generation

Is what you're currently doing for lead generation enough to fund the lifestyle you want?  What would you add (or substract)?

Level Up

Are you a professional or do you "practice" while in the actual game? How can you leverage role play & other techniques to ramp up your ratios?

Relationship Funnel

Which of your systems promote client experience? What would it look like if you adopted relationship-driven actions, systems, and tracking.

Listing Business

How do you cultivate seller relationships from the first "Yes"?  Where can you focus on creating advocates instead of churning transactions?

Buyer Business

For your buyer clients, what standards can you upgrade regarding communication, expectations, consultation, and transaction education.

Drive Referrals

What would happen if you continuously chased business? In contrast, what must change for you to cultivate a database that works for you?

Continued Growth

Is your plan for continued growth outlined and "you-proof"? How will you leverage mentors, coaches, and colleagues moving forward?

"I feel like I've been waiting for something like this my entire life! It just makes everything that I'm looking to achieve so attainable!"

Amanda Autry
Real Estate Agent, Baltimore, MD

What You Can Expect

Ascension was designed based on our experiences and lessons-learned through other group coaching programs. We've extracted what we loved from those programs as well as what we thought was missing. From that, we created this intensive program for your pursuit of peak performance and success.

We experienced so many overcrowded conference calls, jam packed events, and over-booked webinars. To develop the coach/coachee relationship, and to drive engagement, we keep Ascension to 15 coaching clients.

The time spent in coaching is paramount to your development, and we want to make sure it's not just the coach on a soap-box preaching to you the do's and don'ts week after week. To customize our coaching sessions to you, we have an open question and answer section before each call.  Oh, and they are for 1.5 hours each week!

Repetition serves as an amazing catalyst to performance. And, because we want to make sure you're able to take advantage of the coaching sessions for days, weeks, months, and (hopefully) years to come, each coaching session is recorded and available to you even after you graduate from Ascension.

Oh, and here's the best part! Again, coaching is about knowing the coaching clients and being aware of what they are facing. We open the door and have (what we call) Coaching Mentorship.  If you are facing a challenge and you need to hop on a coaching call, all you have to do is schedule a call with your coach and you have 30 minutes of their time whenever you need.

Leaders Execute, The Rest Watch.

In Ascension, we ask you to do the extraordinary. Are you willing to commit to your potential with wild, reckless, and relentless action?

"This program is revolutionary!"

"I truly don't know what else to say. This program is revolutionary! It provides such clarity on not only what I want from my life and business, but it also helps me understand exactly what I need to do (down to the day) to get there."

Jonathan Kirk, Realtor, Baltimore, MD

Just Not Ready For Ascension?

Allow us to help you off the merry-go-round of real estate.  We'll send you no-BS, straight-forward, insights on performance and success.  All 100% Free with 0 Expectations; we just hope that you find value and actionable hacks to level up!


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