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Daily Charge: Does your morning routine help you achieve your goals?

daily charge Jun 01, 2020

Here's to you making today highly productive!

First, a quick update on your daily charge - because of the responses and requests received, we will be delivering this earlier moving forward (5:00 am eastern).  Some of you have already put these emails and challenges into your day, and we completely understand why you would like these sooner.

In fact...

Our 1% improvement for this week is to help you improve and fine-tune your morning routine.  Or, as we call it... your morning bookend (which can now include your Daily Charge).


A powerful morning routine sets your pace of performance and production. 

Your morning routine is going to be just that...yours.  It's unique to your goals, targets, and promises.  Commit to the habits and disciplines that help you achieve a higher level of performance.

Prepared and primed for success.  Like a collegiate football team ready to sprint out of the tunnel on game-day, your morning routine must build momentum, energy, and focus toward intentional action that will move the needle forward in business and life.


Lemony Snicket
"How you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have."

Josh LaJaunie
"Having a routine is great, but only if it serves your goals.  If it's not doing that, it's called a rut."

1 QUESTION FOR YOU (and your daily charge)

What is your most effective morning routine?

The charge I'm issuing today is to re-design (or re-commit) to a morning routine that helps you build energy, shape your environment, cultivate your mindset, and launch you into productivity and performance.  Implement that routine tomorrow!


Until Tomorrow

Andy Scherer
Founder of Pillar 9 Coaching

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