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Daily Charge: Failing to start, what's at risk, and a challenge to you.

daily charge May 21, 2020

Happy and Productive Thursday Morning!

We started talking about taking action yesterday and how we can eliminate fear by stepping in immediately.  Because some of you responded with questions about the resistance we experience in starting, let's stay on this, drive it home, and provide even more reason for you to level up.


Failing to start is a result of not considering the order of consequences. 

The first consequence is usually based on avoiding short-term pain.  However, the second and third levels of consequences, when fully considered, are significantly more painful.

There is pain in taking action:

  • Expect it.
  • Understand that it is required and necessary. 
  • Embrace it and you become a better version of yourself.

If there is no pain in the action you take, you are settling for less than your potential.

To start taking critical action (or complete critical tasks) requires nothing more than the clear and definitive decision that you are unwilling to be content with where you are currently.

Be unwilling to stagnate.


Jim Kwik
"Knowledge is power: you hear it all the time but knowledge is not power.  It's only potential power.  It only becomes power when we apply it and use it.

Somebody who reads a book and doesn't apply it, they're at no advantage over someone who's illiterate.

None of it works unless YOU work.  We have to do our part.  If knowing is half the battle, action is the second half of the battle."

Torron-Lee Dewar
"Putting your own life on hold is all fun and games until every opportunity passes you by.  There will never be a right time.  Just different days, some more convenient than others."

1 QUESTION FOR YOU (and a challenge)

How will you stop allowing obstacles (including your thoughts) from taking the next bold action in your life and business?

I challenge you to make the decision.  To fully commit to overcoming the pain of starting.  And to surgically remove the obstacles in your path.  Start now!


Until Tomorrow,

Andy Scherer
Founder of Pillar 9 Coaching

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