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The Tale of Two Boogie Boarders

mindset Jul 10, 2019

Being in and around the ocean brings so much joy to my life and my family.  And, I had an incredible experience littered with lessons yesterday.

It was a gorgeous mid-80 degree day with very few clouds in the sky and a constant light breeze.  We had about 2 hours until high tide and the swells were between 4-6 feet high; perfect for boogie boarding.

My two older kids and I decided to head out and see what fun we could have with my younger of the two staying a little more shallow and the older coming out as far as he could touch.

There were several other riders out and as I was finding where to be in relation to the set headed our way, another rider started to chat me up.  To save you time, I'll spare my responses - here are his statements:

  • "Can you believe the size of these things today?"
  • "I can't seem to get any of these"
  • "They keep breaking to the left and to the right"
  • "I am getting nothing where I'm at"
  • "Why can't I get a good one?"
  • "I am just going to head in...this is ridiculous"

That, if you aren't able to tell, is the tale of the first boogie boarder.  He ended up going in just after that last statement.

And the second boogie son (the older of my two that came out with me).

He saw (and heard) that the waves weren't breaking where we were and immediately started looking for where he could set up.  As I was in this conversation, I watched my son catch 3 great waves in 3 different locations...all within 15 feet of us.

He had a huge smile on his face, was working hard to go get the next, and was encouraging me to join him after each wave.

Take a lesson or two from my son...

  1. When you're not getting the breaks that you want, remember that you're not chained, shackled, or stuck in the same spot.  You have the ability (and the responsibility) to change your environment; both internally and externally.  Sometimes, all it takes is for you to move a couple feet in one direction or another to see progress.
  2. Enjoy the process even on the paddle out.  Remember that huge smile my son had as he was boogie boarding?  Yeah, that was on his paddle out of the next wave.  He knew that he was headed toward another ride.  And, if he didn't catch that wave, he would find another spot to catch another one.  Opportunities are endless in the world that we live in.  Be joyful in the opportunities that are given to you - you only need one great one to have a beautiful ride.
  3. Surgically remove the negativity.  One thing that you may have noticed (it was between the lines of the story) was that my son immediately removed himself from the conversation.  It wasn't doing him any good to stay and listen to someone complain.  Instead, he focused on what he wanted to experience and ignored the perspective of that first boogie boarder.
  4. Lastly, bring someone else along in the journey with you.  My son was encouraging me to join him and remove myself from that conversation (which I happily did).  And, while you may not know it, there are people surrounding you who want to go on the same journey as you and yet may not see where to go just yet.  Be aware of the opportunities to invite and remember that we rise by lifting others out of those environments.

I hope you make today an incredible experience.

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