Our Pipeline Promise

We Work With You To Build a Sustainable, Scalable, Predictable, and Profitable Pipeline

Most real estate coaching programs out there fail to put emphasis on your individual performance and production which causes you to feel lost, unsure of your next steps, and grasping for straws.  Not here.  Once you are a member of the Drive program, you'll get the coaching, community, pop-in training sessions, coursework, and daily support you need so that you build a real estate pipeline (and process) that is sustainable, scale-able, and predictable.

Quick Glance At The Coaching Content

    1. What Can You Expect From Drive?

    2. How Are The Calls Structured And How Can I Get On?

    3. Links to Your Coaching Calls

    4. What We Expect From You

    5. What If I Want To Cancel? What Are The Refund & Cancellation Policies?

    1. Breaking Down the 90 Day Strategic Action Plan

    2. A Different Perspective of Your Pipeline - 8-26-2021

    3. 2022 Planning - Step 1

    4. 2022 Planning - Step 2

    5. 2022 Planning - Step 3

    6. First Quarter (2022) Wins, Losses, and Lessons

    1. 12-3-2020 - Low Time, High ROI Listing Strategies

    2. Delegation & Dollar Per Hour Walkthrough - 7-15-2021

    3. Critical Business Indicators - 7-29-2021

    4. Basic Agent Financials - 8-12-2021

    5. SWOT Assessment For Your Real Estate Business - 9-9-2021

    6. Irrefutable Daily Disciplines - 9-16-2021

    7. A Look At Setting More Appointments - 9-30-2021

    8. Surgically Remove Distractions & Execute

    9. Step Up Your Accountability - 2-3-2022

    10. Bringing Awareness to Your Mindset & Framework - February 2022

    11. 7 Focal Points To Raise Your Level of Revenue - 3-3-2022

    12. Habits & Disciplines To Stay Consistent Amongst Distraction - 4-28-2022

    1. Execution of Your 90 Day Strategic Action Plan Translated To Your Daily Schedule - 8-19-2021

    2. 60% of Your Time Invested in Revenue Generation

    1. 11-12-2020 - Going 3 Deep Handling Objections

    2. 11-19-2020 - 3 Deep Objection Handling Part 2

    1. 12-10-2020 - Current Client Referrals (When, How, & What)

Over 100 Hours of Training

  • $997.00 first payment, $49.00 / month onwards
  • 120 lessons
  • 97.5 hours of video content

Want A Walk-Through Before You Enroll?

We feel that it's important you understand the level of commitment when you sing up for our Drive membership. While some people will jump right in with an "I got this" attitude, take the opportunity to walk through the Drive program first.

Let's Break This Down & Provide Some Insight

I value upfront honesty, and I want to make sure that I talk with you as straight as possible before you join us inside the sales academy.

The internet and some of the various advertisement methods have allowed self-proclaimed 'experts' to sell anyone they can on their 'secret system' to easily and effortlessly build a real estate business and live an incredible lifestyle that most can only dream about.

Trying to navigate through all the offers and promises thrown at you can get a little frustrating and overwhelming (I get it because I have experienced that as well).

So, I'll just tell you what I believe.  

I believe that your success in real estate is directly determined by your willingness and ability to make commitments to a consistent vision and then take meaningful (and intentional) action every single day.  I believe that to be the best sales person, you have to be the best person.  I believe that to be a top performer in any field, you must be willing to push the your perceived limitations and learn through failure.  And, I believe that only the people who are willing to not leave success to chance are right for our membership.

And, because you will be taking that action and control of your trajectory, we're going to help you work through obstacles that may arise, develop skillsets that set you above your competition and make you more efficient, design and implement systems and processes to increase the value of your business in the eyes of your clients, and (truly) crush the limiting beliefs as you build towards a sustainable, scale-able, and predictable real estate business.

What you'll see when you become a member of our Drive program is an approach to performance and accountability coaching that has been fine-tuned and proven to help real estate agents (who don't just want to press the easy button) establish consistency, efficiency, and systematic growth in their business.  I 100% stand behind the strategies, methods, and models that we help agents implement, and I feel so strongly about them that we pour everything we can into our Drive members so that you build a sustainable, scale-able, and predictable production pipeline.

What does "pour everything" mean?

Well, this is a hybrid coaching model which means that you'll have all of the following at your disposal:

  • Weekly LIVE Group Coaching Calls - Recorded and placed into your vault
  • Weekly Role Play Calls - Recorded and placed into your vault
  • Weekly Question & Answer Sessions - Recap videos recorded and placed into your vault
  • Pop-In Training Sessions - These are impromptu training sessions based on questions, trends, or aspects where our members need help (also recorded)
  • Comprehensive Self-Paced Courses & Masterclasses - All intently focused on helping you systematically and strategically build your coaching business without the guess-work
  • Direct Support From Your Coach - You have direct access to your coach for questions throughout the week via Voxer.
  • Results Focused - We are one of the only programs who require you to report out weekly pipelines and your prospecting activities.to your coach.
  • Members-Only Mastermind Community
  • Live Event Discounts
  • Access To The Vault - Direct and immediate access to over 100 previously recorded training and coaching sessions.


And Because of Everything That We Invest Into You And Our Members...

Our expectation is that you fully commit (and stay committed) to your vision and the work required to realize that vision - when you do that, we stay committed to you and will do everything we can to support you and your growth.  However, if we see that your commitment is decreasing, we will have a conversation individually and if the level of commitment doesn't improve, we will remove you from the program.

As long as your level of commitment is demonstrated through your intentional and consistent action, you can stay with us inside of Drive, join us for our coaching calls, hop into our courses and masterclasses, and tap into your coach and community every day.

And with all of that said, it's time to get to the good stuff!

I'll see you inside!

- Andrew Scherer

Here Are Just A Few Things You Can Expect After Joining Us...

  • Our Hybrid Coaching Approach brings you the best of all worlds inside of real estate success coaching: individual support, group coaching calls, mastermind community, courses/masterclasses, and the option to attend in-person events.  Quite simply, you'll never be left stranded wondering what to do next.  Efficiency and effectiveness are priority.
  • 90-Day Pipeline Growth and Accountability with leads that are ready to work with you.  No matter the source of the business, we are huge advocates a "relationships over transaction" mindset so that you lead with value and service every step of the way.
  • Establish a Core 4 and identify exactly how you will attract and attack generating revenue for your business so that you aren't guessing what to do today, tomorrow, and any other day in the future.
  • Strategically outline action plans that help you connect with prospects and partners so that you build Sustainable, Scale-able, and Predictable Sales Systems.
  • Cultivation Strategies that help you truly enhance your level of service and perceived value so that you block out all other competition AND solidify the opportunity for future referrals.
  • Conversion Processes with the intent and focus to develop advocates, evangelists, and people who simply rave about you, your expertise, and the phenomenal relationship that you've developed.
  • Buyer Processes that actually help streamline the buyer process, lower risk for your clients, and set the right expectations for prospects trusting you with their home purchase.
  • Seller Processes and Approaches that allow you to focus on what matters and not the minutia of what comes next in a listing so that you can maximize your time in revenue-generating action.
  • Driving Predictable Revenue is almost entirely about alignment, commitment, and executing on habits and disciplines, and the level of performance/accountability coaching you get in Drive will help you stay in meaningful action.
  • Evolve from a daily-task-driven (reactionary) real estate agent and create a vision-driven real estate business that is in alignment with exactly what you want to have, where you want to go, what you want to do, what you want to see, and who you want to be.