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Our Philosophy On Coaching...You

Our agenda is you and your journey.  Period.

Our time and energy is invested in breaking through the habits, disciplines, and mindsets you've established that you are allowing to hold you captive.  We don't believe in a "one-size-fits-one" approach.  Meaning, we will help you discover the most effective and efficient path, and certainly won't tell you that this is a get-rich-quick sort of thing. 

We focus on helping you find your purpose, attach urgency and necessity to that vision, craft a focused and detailed strategy, and help you become self-accountable to becoming that person.

This is about helping you get to a place of peak performance in all areas of your life.

How do we do that?

What Exactly Is Peak Performance?

We believe that there are 12 identifiers of a peak performer.
Here are 8 of them:

Actionable Vision

You've heard it called a "Big-Why", but let's take the commercialized buzz words out of it.  It's your purpose, and we help you discover it.

Achievement Strategy

Without an achievement plan, you're simply meandering and hoping for the best.  You'll have a detailed plan of attack so you can be intentional each day.

Habit of Starting

Your rate of implementation is directly correlated to your rate and epic-ness of success.  You'll learn how to raise necessity and urgency behind your execution.

Be A Farmhand

There's an old story a Farmhand who prepared for success in spite of the uncontrollable.  Your preparation for success must be unquestionable.

Tactician of Time

It's not about time-management. It is, however, about time efficacy and being intentional with how you invest the time you are given.

Relentlessly Track

You must become a tracker. Someone who is simply relentless in building habits, disciplines, and mindsets that move the needle.

Question Consistently

Simply because it's what we currently do doesn't mean that's what should be done. You'll be challenged to question...everything.

Drive to Finish

Bringing the high impact projects and tasks to a finish will move the needle forward. Holding yourself accountable is crucial to achieving your vision.

"There are very few people who enter your life & make a genuine impact. I've had many coaches in my 16-year career & there is nobody else that has made a greater impact. Not only does he genuinely care - he is there when you need him. He has impacted my business, my mentality, and my personal life. There are a few special people in this world, he is one of them!"

Aaron Wittenstein
Real Estate Agent, West Chester, NY

"My coach, mentor & one of my closest friends today. He has helped me gain clarity & be accountable for the promises I set for myself & family. He has a special way of stepping outside of his world & entering mine. I went from $4.6MM to $10.9MM in the first year of coaching with him. More importantly, he helped me grow from a disorganized unfocused agent into a vision-driven, mission-oriented business owner."

Jonathan Kirk
Real Estate Agent, Baltimore, MD

"Coach Andy is truly a genuine person providing excellent plans to help others succeed with their goals in life, business and more. I highly recommend Andy as a Coach and encourage others to integrate him and his services into both their business and personal lives. You will not be disappointed!!"

Troy Davis
Real Estate Agent, Oroville, CA

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