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Daily Charge: Put some reprieve in your day to increase your production.

daily charge Jul 14, 2020

It is truly amazing to see how many people this resonates with as we received some great feedback on yesterday's daily charge.

And with that in mind, we continue to make sure you are you are building your business with intention and pushing to capacity while respecting your rest and recovery.

Let's dive in...

3 Ideas From Me

To perform and produce at the highest levels possible, our schedules must:

  1. Include reprieve from our activities and actions.
  2. Clear and distinct transition between varying skill-based tasks.
  3. Definitive time to refocus and set intent for the upcoming time block.

To truly find your state of peak performance and production, implement the Pomdoro Principle and operate in intervals of 25/5 or 50/10.  Meaning, 25 minutes in high intensity focused production with 5 minutes of reprieve and refocus (or 50 and 5).

Some of the most productive individuals have amazing rest and recovery routines during their day... not just at the end.  it may sound...

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Daily Charge: Utilizing recovery as a way to increase your production.

daily charge Jul 13, 2020

These past two weeks have been heavily focused on the 3 R's - Rest, Recovery, and Reflection.

Now, i believe that people operate in seasons.  If the season extends longer than it was meant, it turns into a lifestyle.  And, this is also where a metric ton of real estate agents (and lenders) get themselves stuck.

There is simply no rhythm or rhyme to their rest, recovery, and reflection.

With summer season here in the full, I want to make sure we are recovering appropriately (and pushing to stay focused during the time we work).

Let's dive in... 

3 Ideas From Me

Recovery and understanding how to detach from work (and reconnect to personal) is one of the biggest opportunities for people to improve their performance and production.

Bringing a certain end to your work-day is critical to making sure you are present at home.  And, the by-product of being present at home with your friends and family - you are able to perform at a higher lever at work.

Just like your...

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Daily Charge: What you can learn from ants, and challenging how fast you can run

daily charge Jun 26, 2020

Here's to you wrapping up your week with authority and 100% focus on being productive today!

We outlined the maximum number of appointments yesterday and challenged you to place them in your schedule for next week.  Your daily charge today puts action to that planning and I'm curious to see how dedicated you are to seeing how fast you can run next week.

Take a look at what's in store for you today:


Ants are some of the most determined insects.  They stay focused on the target and what they need to do.  When an obstacle is placed in their path, they will always find a way whether that means going over it, under it, around it, or simply putting their head down and burrowing through.  Adopt that philosophy every day.

Refuse to allow your agenda, your targets, and the execution on those targets to fall in priority.  Refuse the creative justifications that you will inevitably think about when it gets "tough" and be dedicated to your production,...

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Daily Charge: How many appointments can you run in a given week?

daily charge Jun 25, 2020

We are pushing today.

I mean, why not, right?

As you know, we've been hyper focused on productivity through relationships and high levels of client care this week.  If (and when) you decide to act on what we've been talking about, a great problem starts to show up...

What happens when you start booking out so many appointments that you can't do everything else?

Let's get into it!


Stop guessing and assuming outcomes.  In fact, detach your definition of success from the lagging results.  Instead, tether winning and success to how you perform every day.

There is clarity in chaos.  Priorities are clearly identified, menial tasks are defined as mere distractions, and busy-work is discarded without a second thought.  Push your production and performance so that you experience that clarity from the chaos.

The path to higher levels of production and performance is found through the allocation and investment of time in relationship cultivation.


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Daily Charge: Do you orphan your past clients?

daily charge Jun 24, 2020

I hope you make it an amazingly productive Wednesday!

If you've been tracking along, this week is all about here and now business (well, the upcoming 90-days), and yesterday we spoke directly about our current clients.

And, because relationships and referrals are truly the lifeblood of any business, we are moving right in to our past clients with today's daily charge.


The relationship isn't finalized at the close of a transaction; on the contrary, the first 14-days after the close is where you truly demonstrate your unique value to the market.

Do not orphan your past clients.  Instead, place as much, if not more, value on serving those relationships as you do with upcoming and current clients, and you'll see significant results.

There is an exponential loss when past clients are not cultivated consistently - amplify your communication and level of service after the closing so that you past clients feel compelled to provide two referrals per year as a...

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Daily Charge: How many referrals do you get from current clients?

daily charge Jun 23, 2020

Yesterday, your daily charge was to generate a solid understanding of your 90-day production and performance pipeline.  I had asked that you be specific with the who, the what, and the when.

That is a significant factor in my challenge to you today.

Now, when we talk about production and pipeline, the one source that is consistently overlooked... current clients.


Current clients are the most powerful marketing resources for your business and brand.  Testimonials are great tools for marketing and yet they also teach us what we are doing well and where we need to truly lean.  Make it priority to understand how you are exceeding client expectations and develop standards and systems around that approach.

Three business success principles that will carry you to a higher level of daily performance and production:

  1. Relationship over revenue
  2. Profit through service
  3. Give wholeheartedly without expectation

If you fail...

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Daily Charge: How does your 90-day pipeline look?

daily charge Jun 22, 2020

I gave some hints in Friday's Daily Charge as to what this would look like today.

And so, because it's a Monday and you have no time to waste today, let's jump right into your daily charge and pushing into your pipeline, production, and performance!


Constant assessment of your productivity and performance pipeline gives you clear and precise feedback on whether your daily, weekly, and monthly choices and actions are in alignment with your targets.

Your depth of service, value to the market, and consistency in execution are directly represented in your business numbers.

Become an avid student of your database.  While we value relationships over transaction, there is still a constant mathematical formula inside your business.  Study the numbers, study the relationships, study the outcomes so that you can understand your specific formula.


Lord Kelvin
"I often say that when you can measure what you are speaking about, and...

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Daily Charge: Build unprecedented momentum in your business today!

daily charge Jun 19, 2020

Here's to you making it a great Friday!

Spoiler Alert: I want to wrap up this week with challenging you to build unprecedented momentum.

Now, this has some selfishness to it because I know where we are going with our Daily Charge on Monday.  And yet, it's important that you take advantage of the opportunities to perform and produce today at a high level so that you can launch into Monday with utter certainty that you are going to crush the week.

With that in mind...


Surgically and aggressively remove every reason why you cannot do something.  Then, ask why you MUST take that action, build that momentum, and follow through on your strategies.

Immediately adjust your mindset in times when you feel physically exhausted, emotionally drained, or simply disenchanted from the here-and-now activity by using goal-driven self talk.

Success is typically determined by persistence in the action and not by the intensity with which we perform the action.  However,...

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Daily Charge: Do you have the discipline to achieve your goals?

daily charge Jun 17, 2020

Here's to you making it a productive Wednesday!

You've been challenged this week to triple your production numbers, and pick up your pace so that you are actually running full speed.  We continue with today's daily charge where we talk heavily about discipline because, well... when I challenge people to truly push, some folks tend to ease off the gas just when they start building momentum.

Let's get it!


The discipline to execute is the critical difference between having dreams and achieving them.

A major reason people start building a business is to experience freedom.  It's ironic, though - to have the most freedom possible, you also have to be the most disciplined.

It's the discipline to finish that most people lack.  Remember, it's easy to start the book, enroll in the course, and set the goals.  It requires discipline to finish reading, ace the course, and crush your goals.


Jim Rohn
"The danger is looking...

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Daily Charge: Bring everything you have and give yourself permission to go all-in

daily charge Jun 16, 2020

Production and performance - it is this week's major theme as we work to get your mindset (and actions) wrapped around pushing yourself to your fullest potential every day.

Yesterday, I challenged you to triple your production and performance targets for this week and simply execute.  My best guess is that very few people took this step; usually it's the top 5% that will take that charge and run with it.

Today, let's keep the improvement going...


Most people are guilty of embezzlement.  They aren't stealing from their businesses directly, but they embezzle by not showing up fully every day, by allowing distractions, by not risking failure, and by not wholeheartedly committing to their action plan.

Give yourself permission to see how far you can go every week. 

Ignore other agendas and simply focus on your performance right now... high energy, high output, exponential production, utter commitment, compelling sense of urgency and necessity, and...

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