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Daily Charge: Let's go break the cart this week and increase your production

daily charge Jun 15, 2020

Happy Monday!

It's all about performance and production this week - raising our awareness around how we can approach today (and every day this week) with the focus on improving our production, pipeline, and overall performance.

Let's get it!


The idea that you can make up for lost efforts today is mathematically impossible. If you only have 100% to give every day, how will you possibly make up for only giving 80% today?

If you truly trust that you can figure out the messiness of success, and the lessons learned in failure, there is nothing stopping you from pushing your limits of production and performance. Make the mess, learn the lessons, and bring it!

Simply drive the cart so hard that the wheels fall off. Then, fix it and break it again!


Jim Rohn
"The big challenge is to become all that you have the possibility of becoming. You cannot believe what it does to the human spirit to maximize your human potential and stretch yourself...

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Daily Charge: The not-so-talked-about morning discipline that will truly give you the head-start

daily charge Jun 04, 2020

Your daily charge today and your 1% improvement on your morning routine is near and dear to my heart.  It's a staple in my morning and it's non-negotiable... primarily because I know that I am getting a head start on the day.

It's all about putting education into your morning routine.


Success can be tied to a very simple ratio.  The time you invest in education vs the time you spend in entertainment.  When you shift the ratio slightly in favor of education, you exponentially improve your level of success.

When you take the opportunity to learn in the morning, you are prepping your mindset to be open to new opportunity during the day.

There's no need to overthink the discipline of daily learning.  Keep it short and simple so that you execute consistently.


Earl Nightingale
"One hour per day of study in your chosen field is all it takes.  One hour per day of study will put you at the top of your field within...

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Daily Charge: Change the tides and prime your mindset by including this in your morning routine.

daily charge Jun 03, 2020

Today's daily charge revolves around something that I've allowed to utterly change my perspective and level of success.

Now, before we start diving into some of these ideas, you have to know that the first time I did this in my morning routine, I thought it was quirky, oversimplified, and that it wouldn't last.

However, when I truly committed to feeling and expressing gratitude every morning.... well, read what your charge for today, implement, and let me know how you feel...


The very first thing is gratitude.  The very last thing is gratitude.  Those are staples in a morning and evening bookend.  It's how you protect and prime mindset, and prepare yourself for upcoming opportunity.

If there is one thing that can change the tides of any given day to be in your favor, it's the inward feeling and outward expression of gratitude.

Gratitude isn't always about the past.  Yes, be grateful for where you've been.  And, immediately after, express...

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Daily Charge: Do you have this in your morning routine?

daily charge Jun 02, 2020

I hope you make is an extremely productive Tuesday and you take significant action toward your goals!

We're expanding on our morning routine with a focus on something that, I think, is said a lot but not focused on...writing and reviewing your targets, and outlining a specific action plan for the day.


Prime your mindset by setting intent and focal points in the morning.  It starts with writing your goals, targets, and promises, then evolves into identifying how you will achieve them on that given day.

Be the one who has the discipline to detail your vision and the action behind it on a daily basis.

Writing your targets daily is an essential step to becoming a better leader of yourself.


Author Unkown
In absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia."

Brian Tracy
"When you rewrite and review your goals in the morning before you start your day, you set yourself up for positive...

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Daily Charge: Does your morning routine help you achieve your goals?

daily charge Jun 01, 2020

Here's to you making today highly productive!

First, a quick update on your daily charge - because of the responses and requests received, we will be delivering this earlier moving forward (5:00 am eastern).  Some of you have already put these emails and challenges into your day, and we completely understand why you would like these sooner.

In fact...

Our 1% improvement for this week is to help you improve and fine-tune your morning routine.  Or, as we call it... your morning bookend (which can now include your Daily Charge).


A powerful morning routine sets your pace of performance and production. 

Your morning routine is going to be just that...yours.  It's unique to your goals, targets, and promises.  Commit to the habits and disciplines that help you achieve a higher level of performance.

Prepared and primed for success.  Like a collegiate football team ready to sprint out of the tunnel on game-day, your morning routine must build...

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Daily Charge: Freedom From Your Schedule, Brian Tracy, and Achieving Your June Targets

daily charge May 29, 2020

Before we get into it today, I want to say thank you!

Our mission with the Daily Charge is to help real estate agents, lenders, insurance brokers, and small business entrepreneurs make incremental improvements on a daily basis and you are a part of us fulfilling that mission.

If we have helped you look at your schedule in a different light this week, would you help us by forwarding this to 3 of your business colleagues or friends who might also benefit?

And now, let's wrap up May with challenging your plan for June!


Not having a schedule doesn't mean you have freedom.  It means you invite chaos, disorganization, and other agendas to impede on your performance and production.

There are key disciplines and habits needed so that a schedule become the living/breathing tool that you need it to be:

  • Monthly schedule that reflects your 90-day action plan.
  • Editing the upcoming week.
  • Nightly negotiation for your time.
  • Assessment of your execution.

You exponentially...

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Daily Charge: Negotiating For Your Time, Saying No, and Taking Charge of Your Agenda

daily charge May 28, 2020

This week's topic has focused entirely on helping you invest your time more efficiently so you receive a higher return, and you have the opportunity to do what truly matters inside of your business.  If you've missed any of this week, feel free to catch up here.


How and what we schedule is taken too lightly.  It is nothing less than bulldog negotiations - your agenda vs the agenda of others. 

The feeling of obligation coupled with a fear of failure causes us to say yes to actions, tasks, meetings, and a calendar that is not going to move our business and lives forward.

Completing a daily preview and review of your schedule will reveal if you are truly committed to your goals and targets.  Meaning, it will show you:

  • The percentage of time you allocated to meaningful action.
  • The percentage of time you allocated to meaningless tasks, meetings, and action.
  • The belief you have in yourself, your daily plan, and your ability to achieve...
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Daily Charge: Distractions, Principle of Priority, and Investing Your Time To Cause Growth

daily charge May 27, 2020

Here's to making it a great Wednesday!

If you missed your daily charge from yesterday, I would encourage you to go back and read it here.  It'll provide some insight into what we're talking about today.

With that in mind, what you place inside your schedule is crucial to your performance and success.  Distractions come into play, you will 100% experience resistance, and you will be tempted to detach from what is truly important activity.


Distractions and resistance are extraordinarily clever.  They camouflage and mask themselves as opportunity, priority, and perceived risk if you don't pay attention to them. 

It is our job to have integrity, take responsibility, quickly recognize them, and execute on our plan through our schedule.

We cannot allow ourselves to take the easy route.  Designate and dedicate the majority of time to meaningful work that causes your business to truly move forward.

Your level of success is hinged on how you...

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Daily Charge: Time Blocking, Priorities, and What You Can Do To Improve Now

daily charge May 26, 2020

I hope you make today ridiculously productive!

Because of the conversations we had last week with people in our coaching programs, your daily charges this week are going to revolve around the concept of "time management".

And, yes, I do use the word concept intentionally because of how often it's mis-used and abused in business.  In fact, what we typically hear, and where we will start, is "I just need to put it on my schedule, block it out, and I'll get it done."

So, let's tackle this idea of "time blocking" and shed some light on what truly needs to happen in order for time blocking to work for you.


You become great at time blocking only when you become great at planning and prioritization.

Time blocking is a performance tool... nothing more, nothing less.

It only works when there is:

  • A meaningful strategic and tactical plan.
  • An understanding of priorities within that plan.
  • A high-level of urgency and necessity.

Set intent and purpose with every...

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Daily Charge: Become a starter, owning the now, and my challenge to you.

daily charge May 22, 2020

I hope you make your Friday a productive one!

As you know, we've focused this week on taking immediate action.  It's something that is often overlooked and is a constant topic that I hear inside our discovery calls.  And, with what we are experiencing right now, it is more important than ever to become a start, own this current moment in time, and step up to the challenge every day.


Identify as a starter.  Someone who:

  • Attaches short term action to long-term vision.
  • Has the belief they deserve that long-term vision.
  • Is willing to endure the short-term pain.
  • Refuses to remain status quo.

In a world where society and external environment can be altered overnight, it is no longer a choice to take action - it's a responsibility.

Moment to moment.  Step by step.  Taking incremental action builds momentum and confidence.  Own and dominate the moment in front of you.


Deepak Chopra
"Life gives you plenty of...

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